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My First RealRyder Spin Class at 501SP1N

Andrea finally convinced me to try a 45 minute RealRyder class at 501SP1N. The instructor for Tuesday's 7pm RealRyder class is Kristi Hicks.  Kristi also utilizes Andrea as her Personal Trainer, and will be the subject of an upcoming success story.

You may recall from previous postings that the RealRydercycle is more intense than a regular spin bike in that it allows you to turn and move as though you're riding a real bike - thus providing a full body work out.  It's a unique experience, and I felt a little wobbly during this first class.  Even though I wasn't able to keep up with Kristi - I let my limited coordination and a touch of "saddle soreness" hold me back - I quickly worked up a sweat.  The music was butt-kickin', and the class ended with a thorough stretch routine. 

I must say the people who do RealRyder are a happy bunch.  If you're looking for a group cardio experience, it's a great place to start.  If you're new to spinning (or, like me, haven't been on a bike in years), I would definitely suggest requesting a padded seat cover.  Also, it might be helpful to wear a pair of gloves - I noticed several people in class wore them. Even though the handle bars are padded, my hands got a little sore. Kristi intermittently incorporates push ups in her routine, which puts some pressure on the hands (again, just depends how hard you're working).

Click here for a list of all the classes offered at 501SP1N.  If you're not sure which class/classes would be best for you, 501SP1N's partner, 501F1T, offers a 1 Free Week Pass, which allows you to try as many Spin Classes you can handle, along with access to 501F1T's facility and 1 G-Werx Group Strength Class.


Tomorrow - Tasting Menu Benefit Dinner for March of Dimes at Sanctuary

What's new at Sanctuary?  Eat well, have fun and do good!   Eating especially fabulous Tasting Menus for a Cause!



American Academy of Neurology Preparing to Break Ground for New Headquarters in the Mill District

The first piece of construction equipment was moved into place a few days ago.  The start of construction can't be far behind.


Today - Spring Break Feature Film Revival at Central Library

Times: 11:00am and 2:00pm

Location: Pohlad Hall, Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall

Expand your attention span and enjoy our first feature length childish film!  The extras: Submit a child's drawing based on one of this month's films to the Childish Films drawing contest!

A revival of feature-length films for kids and grown-ups to enjoy together on the big screen, with many shows lined up for local schools' Spring Break.

All ages welcome at all films. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Attendees can submit a drawing at each film to be included in our Childish Films Online Art Show.


March 22, Tuesday, 11:00am
My Neighbor Totoro (Ages 5+): Set in the Japanese countryside, this inventive, award-winning anime features two young sisters, friendly spirits, and a cat bus. Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Walt Disney Pictures, 1988, Rated G, 86 min.

March 22, Tuesday, 2:00pm
The Secret of Roan Inish (Ages 5+): An Irish girl from a small fishing village explores the mysterious island legend about a seal who becomes a human. Dir. John Sayles, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1994, Rated PG, 103 min.


Winter Parking Restrictions End in Minneapolis 

On May 21, the City of Minneapolis issued this parking update:

Effective immediately, Minneapolis has lifted the Winter Parking Restrictions. The restrictions went into effect on Dec. 17, 2010 after snow accumulations narrowed many streets, making it difficult for fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles to navigate in some neighborhoods. Limiting parking to one side of most neighborhood streets created more reliable access for emergency responses.
Our recent mild temperatures and sunnier days have melted snow along city streets, widening them far enough that the Fire Chief, Public Works officials, and other public safety officials have determined the restrictions can be lifted. With this melting, we are now seeing better conditions on most city streets.

Beginning March 21, normal parking rules again apply on city streets. Signs added to some narrower Snow Emergency routes that limited parking to one side of the streets will soon be removed, however drivers should continue to follow those posted signs as long as they are in place.
It was the seventh snowiest winter in Minneapolis with the city receiving more than 80 inches of snow from Nov. 2010 to March 2011, and the City declared eight Snow Emergencies – a record. The public’s cooperation in following the restrictions greatly aided emergency responders in their work to serve folks in Minneapolis.
Although the Winter Parking Restrictions have been lifted, it is still possible to have additional Snow Emergencies until April 1 (by ordinance the City can’t declare Snow Emergencies after April 1). Drivers should be mindful of the normal Snow Emergency rules and procedures and check the City’s 348-SNOW hotline, the Web, or the many other Snow Emergency notification tools if we receive more snowfall.
For questions, contact:
Renee Allen, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, First Precinct
(612) 673-5163


Yoga Insights with Victoria Rico

Submitted by Victoria Rico

Spotlight on two Minneapolis Yoga Instructors:  John Robert Shaw and Inanna Jessup

John Robert Shaw

John is sincere in saying that the yoga journey has positively influenced many aspects of his life and physical being along withthose with whom he has practiced and had the honor to teach. The opportunity to practice and teach Bikram and Corepower yoga is a supreme blessing that continues to and will forever impact his earthly and spiritual existence.

Inanna Jessup

“What I love about teaching yoga is the ability to move energy through a room, and through a community. I love that when people walk through the studio doors, they feel at home.  They feel THIS is a part of their day where they can be themselves and take CARE of themselves.  It is such an honor to be a part of that experience.”


While the featured yogi have divergent stories, it is interesting that both John and Inanna were initially drawn to Bikram Yoga.  The Bikram (Hot Yoga) practice is intense, systematic, evenly paced and meditative.   John took a Bikram class looking to refresh his body and mind after over 25 years as a runner, biker, and health club rat.

Inanna, who spent years as a competitive gymnast, found herself in Philadelphia, in fashion design school.  After 8 hours hunched over a sewing machine, hot yoga was the perfect holistic medicine for neck and back pain from previous gymnastics injuries.  Please look for both John and Inanna on the schedule at CorePower Yoga at 501 Washington Avenue South.  To learn more about their extensive teacher training, please look for them on the CorePower Yoga website.  If you live in the neighborhood please ask about special pricing on yoga classes.

Click here for the full article, including an in-depth Q&A with both yogi, under the Mill City Times Fitness Blog.


Tonight - Chefs for Change at People Serving People

Time: 6:30pm Tour; 7:00pm Dinner

Location:  People Serving People, 614 South 3rd Street

Reservations Required

All are welcome for a lively discussion about urban farming and local and sustainable food production. This special Chefs for Change dinner is hosted by Brenda Langton of Spoonriver and will feature bountiful garden hors d'œuvres, wine and discussion. The focus of discussion will be on urban gardening and the development of a rooftop garden at People Serving People. Attendees will experience the unique flavor of Spoonriver, as well as learn about issues affecting the local community.

Hosted by Mill City Commons


Mill City Farmers Market is Hiring Day Staff for the 2011 Season

The Mill City Farmers Market is currently hiring day staff for the 2011 market season.  Click on these links for more info:

- Market Day Staff: Info Booth

- Market Day Staff: Kitchen



Tonight - The BoDeans at the Guthrie

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Guthrie Theater, Wurtele Thrust Stage

Twenty three years after their T-Bone Burnett produced debut Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams led them to win a Rolling Stone reader's poll as Best New American Band, the BoDeans are still rocking and harmonizing gracefully, touring the U.S. regularly and exposing the kids of their longtime steadfast fans to real, heartfelt and trend-free music. Best known for their mid-90s Billboard Top 20 hit anthem Closer To Free, the dynamic musical duo — Kurt Neumann (vocals and electric guitar) and Sam Llanas (vocals and acoustic guitar) — is still focused on writing songs that bring good things to the world. Reflective of Neumann's feeling that his and Llanas' songwriting on their compelling ninth studio album, Mr. Sad Clown, is among their most exposed and vulnerable ever, the two are in perfect harmony when singing together.


Vikings Stadium Update - Stadium Bill expected this week.

Speaking at a Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission meeting on Thursday, commission Chairman Ted Mondale said he expects a bill to be introduced at the Minnesota Legislature this week.  The bill will probably be site neutral.  Hennepin and Ramsey Counties are expected to be the main contenders.


Metrodome Roof Update

Work will start this week on installing the new roof on the Metrodome.  The cost, covered by insurance is estimate to be $27.7 million.  Affiliated FM, the insurer, deposited the first $10 million on Thursday.

Watch for an ongoing series of pictures of the work in progress here on Mill City Times.


Super Sweet Grapefruit - Another Reason to Visit Mill City Market Grocery & Deli

I've been enjoying the grapefruit from Mill City Market Grocery and Deliat least 5 days a week for about a month now.   Even though they count as part of the 'daily five', they seem more like a naughty dessert because they're so incredibly sweet.  Yum!


Countdown to May 7 Opening Day at the Mill City Farmers Market!

We're only 7 short weeks away from the May 7 Opening Day at the 2011 Mill City Farmers Market!

Every Saturday until opening day, we'll be posting pictures and videos from the 2010 MCFM to help get you in the mood...

Mill City Farmers Market 2010

Mill City Farmers Market 2010

Mill City Farmers Market 2010

Mill City Farmers Market 2010

Mill City Farmers Market 2010


See you there!  :)


The Benefits of Being a Mill City Commons Member - An Ongoing Series 

Dave and I became members of Mill City Commons earlier this year.  We joined for a number of reasons, including the ability to attend interesting member-only events, meet fascinating people, and to have more of a hands on role in helping with their various fundraising activities. 

The latest members-only event we attended was a tour of the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center(HERC), located at 417 North 5th Street (next to Target Field).  Mark Zaban, a Hennepin County Engineer, provided our group with the history of HERC, an overview of how garbage is converted to energy, numerous facts and figures, and a walking tour through the actual facility. 

You may recall one of the concerns for Target Field's location was that Twins fans would be assaulted with foul air from HERC.  That turned out to be a non-issue.  In fact, standing just outside the building there was no indication that it was a waste conversion facility.  That's because there are a number of pollution control mechanisms in place.

Imagine 15 football fields, each piled 15 feet high with garbage.  According to Mark, that's how much landfill space is saved each year by processing garbage at HERC.  Unfortunately, it's cheaper to throw garbage in a landfill than it is to run a facility like HERC. 

Below are a few pictures from our tour.  View the full set of pictures here.

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05112

The below graph tells a disturbing story.  The production of plastics (Generation) has sky-rocketed since 1960, yet the amount being recycled (Recovery) is still just a blip on the radar.

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05118

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05120

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05130

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05153

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05159

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05187 

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05190

HERC operates 24/7.  Below, Michael mans a bank of monitors and keeps in contact with workers in other areas of the facility.

Mill City Commons Tour of HERC DSC05160

To learn more about Mill City Commons, please visit the website, or contact Linnea at 612-455-3329 or


This Weekend in Mill City / March 18 - 20, 2011

Events this weekend in and around the Historic Mill District of Minneapolis and across the Stone Arch Bridge in Old St. Anthony.

Friday, March 18

2011 Minnesota Book Awards at The Loft

Four Humors Theater - The Age of Wordsworthat the Southern Theater (3 nights)

Wine Tasting at Sorella Wine & Spirits

Live Music at the Aster Cafe

Saturday, March 19

Going Buggy at MCBA

Team Ortho Foundation's Get Lucky! 7-K Race

Free First Aid & CPR Trainings at American Red Cross

Publication Reading: Kathryn Kysar - Pretend the World at the Loft

Tunnel of Fudge Cake: The Bake-Off and the Bundt Pan at Mill City Museum

Spring Break Feature Film Revival at Central Library

Mill City Farmers Market at Local D'lish

Live Music at the Aster Cafe

Wine Tasting at Sorella Wine & Spirits

Sunday, March 20

Booking With The Cooks at Open Book

Trumpet Master Class Presented by MacPhail faculty members Allison Hall and Brad Shermock

Live Music at the Aster Cafe

Weekend Brunch

Saturday & Sunday

Brunch at Spoonriver
750 South 2nd St (at Chicago Ave S)
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Reservations recommended

10:00am - 2:00pm

See the menu...

Saturday & Sunday

Brunch at the Aster Cafe
St. Anthony Main
125 SE Main Street
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Until 2pm.

See the menu...


Brunch at Spill the Wine
1101 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415

brunch buffet 10am- 2pm Sunday
$12/person (kids 3 and under eat free, 4-12 years are 1/2 price!)

includes: eggs, bacon, french toast, hash browns, fresh salad and fruit, pastries, build your own omlette bar and more...

featuring absolut bloody bar for $5.

also offering fair trade coffee and full bar.


Tonight - 2nd Annual Cuban Film Festival at St. Anthony Main Theatre

Time: 7:30pm

Location: St. Anthony Main Theatre, 115 Main Street SE

With sell-out crowds at last year's festival, Minnesotans' love affair with Cuban cinema is clear. And it is also clear that there is a hunger for information about this intriguing island to our south, so rich in music and the arts. Yet, despite all that we have to share with one another, our government still denies us access. So, although most of us can't get there in person, we can get a taste of Cuban life through the movies.

The film festival will again be presented at St. Anthony Main Theatre and will consist of six features.

The line-up is as follows: 
March 17 - Los Dioses Rotos (Fallen Gods), 
March 24 - Páginas del diario de Mauricio (Pages from Maurice's Diary), 
March 31 - Eso que Anda (Van Van Fever).

All films are subtitled, and each will be followed at a nearby bistro with a discussion.

Admission: $7.00.

For more information: or 763-228-2899.


2011 Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up Scheduled for Saturday, April 16

Mark your calendar for 9:30am-Noon on Saturday, April 16, to join the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board for the annual Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up.

It’s easy to get involved - no pre-registration is required.  Volunteers can choose from a lengthy list of Clean Up sites.  In our neighborhood, it's Father Hennepin Bluffs Park, 100 6th Avenue SE (the East Bank side of the Stone Arch Bridge).

About Earth Day Clean Up  
A collaborative effort between the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) and City of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling, the Minneapolis Earth Day Watershed Clean Up was initiated in 1995 to draw attention to the water quality improvement needs of Minneapolis’ lakes and the effects that individual actions have on urban water quality.

The goal of Earth Day is to provide a volunteer experience and environmental education to Minneapolis residents and park users. This annual event involves cleaning major watersheds and water bodies in the City of Minneapolis including: the Chain of Lakes, Lake Nokomis, Lake Hiawatha, Powderhorn Lake, Diamond Lake, Shingle Creek, Minnehaha Creek, Bassett’s Creek and the Mississippi River.

Environmental Education is a key part of the Clean Up. Onsite programs offer volunteers the opportunity to learn about various issues affecting our environment and community today.  The programs are designed for individuals of all ages.

Past programs included:

River/Stream water testing presentations
Stream erosion/pollution presentations
Recycled art programs for youth
Birdhouse building
Wildlife effects of pollution
Water-cycle education games


Know a Teen Who Needs a Job? Central Library Offers Assistance

Hennepin County Library will hold its 5th annual Teen Job Fair on Saturday, April 2, Noon-3:00pm at the Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall.  Admission is free. 
Hennepin County teens can meet employers from more than 30 businesses, find out about jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, and attend workshops on job hunting, job applications, and job interviewing. 
The Teen Job Fair is geared to teens in Grade 8 and up, although most employment opportunities are for teens age 16 and up. 
Last year, more than 1,000 youths attended the Teen Job Fair and more than 30 employers participated.  So far this year, the Mall of America, Conservation Corps of Minnesota, Ben and Jerry’s, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and other businesses have signed up to participate. 
For more information about the Teen Job Fair, go online or call 952-847-8049. 
Here are several additional Teen Job Assistance Events (held in the Doty Board Room at the Central Library):
-  Thursday, April 7, 4:00pm–5:00pm  - Interview Skills 
-  Thursday, May 5, 4:00pm–5:00pm  - Resume Tips
Register online or call 952.847.8000.
Grade 8 and up. 


'Seeing the Minneapolis Riverfront' Photo Contest Sponsored by the Mill City Museum

 Mill City Museum invites you to enter your photographs of the Minneapolis Riverfront that reveal the relationship of people to the environment in the past and present.

Judges will be looking for striking images of the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis Riverfront that show the relationship between people and the environment past and present, what that relationship has meant to different people in different times, and the positive and negative consequences of our use of the land and waters. Ideal photographs will convey a sense of place of the Minneapolis Riverfront and will address the way people use the riverfront and its resources. Photographs can focus on the environmental success stories or on the work yet to be done. 

Winning photographs will be framed and displayed in the museum’s lobby in July and August 2011. Honorable mention photographs will be displayed nearby in a high definition slide presentation.

This photo contest is part of "Greening the Riverfront" a year-long series of programs highlighting how the Minneapolis riverfront has transformed from an industrial center to a center for new ways of thinking about our relationship with nature. The series includes the exhibit “Seeing the Big River: The eco-art work of Peter L. Johnson," on display in the museum’s Mill Commons through May 16, 2011. Johnson’s photographs, found-object sculpture, and video invite us to see the Mississippi River in new ways, and help viewers discover beauty amidst environmental damage. He will be one of the contest jurors.

Click here for eligibility, entry information, etc.


Tonight - Grammy Award Winning Parker String Quartet at the MacPhail Center for Music

Time: 7:00pm

Location:   MacPhail Center for Music, 501 South 2nd Street

Grammy Award winning Parker String Quartet to perform at MacPhail Center for Music
The 2011 Grammy Award winners for Best Chamber Music Performance, The Parker String Quartet, will perform March 14, 7 p.m. at MacPhail Center for Music in a free concert.

The Quartet is one of the 2010-2011 McKnight Fellowship winners. 
For more information call 612.321.0100