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Volunteers Needed for Minneapolis Bike Week

Via an April 18 City of Minneapolis e-newsletter:

Spring is (nearly) upon us and Minneapolis Bike Week is just around the corner. May 4 - 11, Minneapolis Bike Week is a series of events and activities that promote and encourage bicycling. Bike Week is hosted by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition in partnership with the City of Minneapolis.

Bike Week is powered by volunteers like you. We are currently looking for volunteers for two events: Mayday Parade and Festival Bike Corral and the Commuter Pit Stops. Both events are a fun, easy-going way to promote bicycling in your community and have fun while doing it. Check out the details at Bike Week's volunteer page where you can fill out the form to participate.

Like giving away free, fun stuff? Enjoy encouraging and celebrating bicycling? Need an excuse to knock off work early on a beautiful spring day? Consider volunteering for Bike Week!

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers. Contact Nick Ray with any questions at or 612.968.0722.


West River Parkway Temporarily Closed April 19

West River Parkway will be closed 8:00am – 11:00am April 19 for the Hot Chocolate Run 15K & 5K.  Please note that the duration of the closure is subject to change based on the event's start and finish times. 

A complete list of current and upcoming parkway closures is available online.


Ward 3 Update from Council Member Jacob Frey

Inside redevelopment of the A-Mill

Spotlight on Minneapolis growth

As you walk around Third Ward neighborhoods you see it everywhere - development projects that will increase residential density and spur economic growth for Minneapolis.

To keep you updated, we’ll be highlighting key projects in Third Ward News emails. In this issue, we’re kicking it off with two: Downtown East Block 1 and the Pillsbury A-Mill. To give you an inside look, our office is partnering with Third Ward photographer Sara Rubinstein who will be creating a “photo essay” of our tours.
  • Downtown East Block 1 (728 South 4th Street): This project refers to the sale of the “air rights” above the parking ramp adjacent to the new Vikings Stadium. I had two primary goals for this development: (1) maximizing eyes on The Yard (the two block park adjacent to the new stadium), and (2) securing significant financing for operations and programming of The Yard. This development meets both of these goals. Ryan Companies, the project developer, has proposed a 150-room Radisson Red hotel that would be built under a 200-unit apartment tower. View an animation of the development project.
  • A-Mill (301 Main Street SE): The Pillsbury A-Mill, constructed in 1881, was once the largest and most advanced flour mill in the world. Today, redevelopment of this iconic city landmark is well underway with occupancy expected sometime in 2015. This Dominion built project is one of several in the country designed to build a community around those engaged in a variety of creative pursuits, ranging from dance to visual arts. The 251 unit development will also offer community spaces where residents can create and display their work, a dance studio, and multiple gallery spaces. Recently we had an opportunity to tour the progress of the project and it was the first stop of our photo essay. Plans are also underway to light up the “Pillsbury’s Best Flour” sign.

Transforming surface parking lots

Photo by Joel Koyama STRIBWalking through downtown we see entire blocks of asphalt and parked cars, which do little to entice pedestrians. 

Our Third Ward Team is attacking the issue head on. By enforcing the city’s existing landscape requirements, we can improve surface lots  and give the city’s core a more continuous feel.

Chicago instituted a similar strategy approximately ten years ago. Many of the surface lots have been sold for development or green space. Those that remain have been improved so dramatically they are now jokingly referred to as “parking orchards.”

Ride sharing ordinance to offer alternative transportation options

I have proposed an ordinance change that will allow “peer to peer” ride share companies like Lyft and Uber to operate in Minneapolis. Ride sharing will provide an important addition to the landscape of transportation options in Minneapolis. As more options are available, fewer people are forced to rely on single-occupancy rides. This reduces the number of cars on the road, which in turn reduces traffic and lessens the wear and tear on our streets.

Working together, fast food and neighborhoods get big win

Recently, we heard from residents in the Sheridan neighborhood regarding a local McDonald's (located at 1100 and 1118 University Ave NE) about concerns of lighting, crime, noise, trash and "look" of the property.

Through a collaborative effort with McDonald's and the Sheridan neighborhood, a memorandum of understanding was achieved whereby McDonald's will contribute over $1 million to property improvements and, in the process, become a better neighbor in the Northeast Arts District.

Going forward, McDonald's will be making the following improvements:
  • Make the southernmost section of fencing available to the neighborhood association to work with local artists in developing a potential mural or other neighborhood art.
  • Upgrade customer order display system with newest digital sound system and automatic volume control.
  • Deficient portions of the existing fence line will be repaired and upgraded, and landscaping will be added along base of fence.
  • An additional walkway segment will be added from the east corner of the building.
  • Signs will be posted at the drive-thru to advise customers of Minneapolis noise ordinances
  • Removal of all existing site lighting and construction of new LED system.
  • Utilize 911 system to report suspicious or non-compliant activity, noting license plate numbers where appropriate.
This is a big win for the community, and is precisely the kind of collaboration we need between residents and businesses.

Cell Phone Theft Drives Up Minneapolis Crime Statistics

Cell phone theft is a major problem in Minneapolis with alarming trends particularly at the University of Minnesota and in downtown.
The Minneapolis Police Department reports that cell phone thefts account for approximately 40% of all thefts in the city. 
  • Typically the thief will steal an unattended phone or snatch it from the users hand and run. People distracted by their phones are often targets. Thieves sometimes follow their victims off the bus or train. Stolen phones are sold on the black market, and have a resale value from $100 to $300.
  • Our local, state and national leaders are working on public awareness campaigns and proposing legislative actions to combat this crime epidemic. One legislative action under consideration authored by State Senator Kari Dziedzic seeks a crackdown on cash-for-phone kiosks. The hope is that this will prevent "apple picking" crimes, in which thieves target iPhones that they can quickly fence for cash. “To combat this issue, partnership between the state and local level is essential," said Senator Dziedzic. "Council Member Frey has stepped forward to give it increased visibility, including coming to the State Capitol to advocate and provide committee testimony in support of our state legislative proposals.” 

Vikings Stadium Construction - Week 21

Moving right along...

Vikings Stadium Construction - Week 21

We're attempting to publish a photo with this same view each week from the start of construction through the first game played at the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium in Downtown Minneapolis.


April 12 at the Mill City Farmers Market

Check out these radishes from the April 12 Mill City Farmers Market.  As Jackie Chiles would say, "They're real - and they're spectacular!"  ;)

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market

Mark your calendar for the first outdoor Market of the year - May 10th, 8am! :)


The Week Ahead in Mill City

River Walk 03-30-2014

Each week we provide an easy to reference list of events and activities for the week ahead in the Historic Mill District and Minneapolis Riverfront Neighborhoods.  Have an event to share?  Submit your events here...

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