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Opinion: Water Works Design Threatens Historic Riverfront

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Mill City Farmers Market Winter Dates:

 2nd Saturday each month / November 2013 - April 2014

Mill City Farmers Market Winter Hours:

 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Mill City Museum

Location: 704 S. Second St. Minneapolis, MN


2014 Mill City Farmers Market Season Kicks Off May 10th



MINNEAPOLIS  (April 24, 2014)—Mill City Farmers Market opens for its 9th season of “Healthy Foods, Local Farmers!”

Come kick off Mother’s Day weekend with Opening Day at Mill City Farmers Market! After an ever so long winter, we will celebrate the much awaited spring season, farm-fresh foods, local fine arts, and honor moms with spring flowers and family friendly activities. Celebrate the spring harvest by filling your baskets with fresh asparagus, rhubarb, spring greens, carrots, snow peas, beets, Mother’s Day bouquets, market meats, cheeses, baked goods and much, much more!

At 10:00 am, don’t miss Mill City Cooks for a special kitchen demo with Market Chef Heather Hartman, who will be assisted by her lovely daughter Josephine in honor of Mother’s Day. Bulk buyer David Hampton of the Wedge Community Co-op will also be in the kitchen giving useful tips about buying in bulk.

Kids can say hello to their furry friends from Oliver H. Kelley Farm and parents, be sure to stop by Budding Farmers’ table to learn how to engage your kids all summer long on eating fresh vegetables!

Don’t forget to peruse our unique selections at the Art Market, featuring locally crafted ceramics, jewelry, and woodcraft.  Be ready to enjoy an exciting performance from multi-talented local accordionist, Daddy Squeeze, playing from 11 am – 1 pm. 

This season, we welcome the return of many wonderful Mill City Farmers Market vendors, as well as several new:

Chisago Lakes Berry Basket will bring an ambrosial assortment of strawberry varieties come late-June, Driftless Organics adds sunflower and pumpkin seed oil to market’s offerings, Seed to Seed Farm brings us locally harvested artichokes, ginger, lemongrass, and more, Seven Songs Organic Farm presents ginger, turmeric, and garlic varieties, Sunrise Creative Gourmet offers fresh, frozen, and dry pastas, Verdant Tea introduces locally brewed kombucha, chai tea, and specialty loose leaf teas, Zula Juice provides ready-to-drink organic cold-pressed juices and cleanses, and Red Table Meat Co. will soon bring dry-cured pork products to the Market!

Hello, Market Season! We’re ready for you!

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Follow MCFM Chef Jenny Breen's Progress during the 2014 Boston Marathon

Mill City Farmers Market Chef Jenny Breen is running in the Boston Marathon tomorrow, April 21.  She's pictured below in the front row, a few people right of center, in the striped cap.  (See the Star Trib's Minnesota Strong for Boston article to enlarge the picture.)

Her bib number is #20810 - you can text that to #345678 to get updates on her progress!

Along with Chef Heather Hartman, Jenny will be back doing Mill City Cooks demos for the May 10 - October 25, 2014 season.

October 5, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market


Shopping Basket from April 12 Mill City Farmers Market "Winter Market"

I made a beeline for Prairie Hollow Farms as soon as we walked in the door for the final indoor Mill City Farmers Market of the 2013-3014 winter season.  Check out the kale, mixed greens, carrots, radishes and cilantro.  Weather will be the determining factor, but Pam is hoping to have asparagus and morel mushrooms for the May 10 outdoor Market. In the mean time - "Yay!" for hoop houses.  :)

April 12 , 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market


MCFM Vendor, Star Thrower Farm, to host June 1 Slow Food Annual Spring Gathering

Slow Food Minnesota (Twin Cities) -  Annual Spring Gathering

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our hosts will be:
Deborah and Scott Pikovsky
Star Thrower Farm
Rich Valley (near Glencoe) Minnesota
An hour and fifteen minutes west of Minneapolis
Featured Chef:
Doug Flicker
Piccolo Restaurant (South Minneapolis)
Sandcastle (at Lake Nokomis)
Our meal will feature:
Lamb and cheese from Star Thrower Farm
Foraged plants
Local wines and beers
There will be educational tours.  Reservations available soon

Support Slow Food!


Flour's Rising Sun

Article by Rachel Kahn, MCT Contributor

Darrold and Marty Glanville of Sunrise Flour Mill are already famous. Featured in news outlets such as MPR and Experience Life, their acclaim is well deserved.

August 3, 2013 Mill City Farmers MarketAbove, Marty and Darrold with their grandkids at the Mill City Farmers Market.

I first became acquainted with Sunrise Flour Mill at the Mill City Farmers Market when writing and researching about the significant changes in the modern wheat plant that may be contributing to an explosion of health challenges. I was thrilled to discover the healthy heritage grain alternative offered by Darrold and Marty. They are a team that speaks with the wisdom and knowledge of a duo devoted to their craft.

The long married couple, Darrold, a previous Biotech entrepreneur, and his wife Marty, a retired schoolteacher, fell into the business of ancient grain milling quite by happy accident.  Marty describes Darrold as the cook in the family. After retiring and moving to ten acres outside the Twin Cities, they discovered their desire to create true home baked food. Darrold started baking bread. He began with traditional flour and continued to tweak his recipe. Interestingly, as his bread results got better and better, his health was rapidly declining. After countless medical appointments, with no relief, the answer came to him in the form of pasta.

Pasta, really? Yes. After a particularly gluten-filled evening at a local Italian restaurant, he discovered that his symptoms were worse than ever. Voila. Light bulb moment. Could it be the gluten? Darrold took the leap and gave up gluten flours. Within a few days he was feeling significantly better. After two months all of his symptoms were gone. Marty saw the great results and joined him on the gluten free adventure - enthusiastically noting that she felt much better without the gluten.

But what about his fresh baked loaves that were becoming such a hit? Darrold attempted to create alternative bread using a traditional gluten free flour blend, yet wasn’t satisfied with the results. A knowledge seeker at heart, he spent countless hours researching grains, wheat, and gluten intolerance. As he describes his frustration over the lack of information available, you can clearly see that his research became the fuel that ignited his passion.

Darrold’s new knowledge brought him to an ancient grain called Turkey Red. He began baking with the new discovery and to his delight found out that not only was the bread amazing, he remained healthy and symptom free. Incredibly excited by his discovery, he began sourcing the grain and milling it himself.  

Today Darrold and Marty source both Turkey Red and Red Fife heritage grain and mill it themselves in small 8 inch round stone flour mills.  Their daughter and grand children, half the country away, even got into the action by offering the bread and heritage grains to lucky Pennsylvania patrons. As of this writing, a new Farm to Table Pennsylvania restaurant, complete with a French Laundry trained chef, has asked to source Sunrise Flour. Wow! Yay!

June 29, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market

September 21, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market

Speaking of restaurants and adventures, I was so inspired by Darrold’s latest vision of potentially turning his acreage into a dining experience that I couldn’t wait to tell all the Sunrise Flour Mill fans about such a great idea. Talk to him about it and show your support. Many more ideas where that came from! Sunrise Flour Mill is eager to expand their team so they can focus on continually bringing you new healthy products. Interested in partnering with Darrold and Marty? Reach out to them at  They will be happy to hear from you.

LoveSelf Note: Our current wheat is no longer the amber waves of grain we once consumed. In the 50’s hybridization began modifying the wheat plant resulting in less digestible gluten. Coupled with chemicals sprayed, such as Glyphosate make for a potentially damaging combination.

For many, heritage wheat is a wonderful alternative because it is the original grain, organic, and recognized by our bodies. To learn more about gluten check out

PS - If you have celiac disease, please check with a trusted practitioner.


Biking for Buffalo

Article by Rachel Kahn, MCT Contributor

You will immediately fall head over heels in love with Nicholas Heimer of Buffalo by Bike. Speaking to him is like witnessing joy. He is authentic. His eyes sparkle and glow. I felt inspired in his presence. His mission is so heart felt I wasn’t sure whether to applaud, cry happy tears, or just laugh, dance, and hug him! Oh yea, and just in case that isn’t enough, this wiry guy with a heart of gold pedals a 300 pound freezer full of buffalo on the back of his bike just to bring the Mill City Farmers Market his passion.  Intrigued? You ought to be.

May 11, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market

Nicholas is in love with food.  He began his journey in sustainable farming during a sabbatical to Iowa. He describes his passion with the knowing heartfelt connection of an old soul. He states with stunning candor having found his “peace” and “greater purpose” in working with the abundance of the earth. He is the rarest of individuals in that he is unashamedly real and wants only to follow his path for the greater good.

After returning to Minneapolis, Nicholas took his skills as an organic gardener to the urban farm. He began with a filling a sunroom with seed pots resulting in over 1000 plants in a small space. This mission intrigued his friends and together they turned multiple neighborhood yards into gardens. The results were so plentiful that Nicholas began canning, making chutneys, sauces, and even lacto-fermented veggies. To this day, he is the neighborhood food angel giving away his creations with a smile.

And because people are multi-faceted, Nicholas is a musician and an inventor. He plays the guitar and builds musical instruments. He tells me a story of finding old phones, removing the bells and creating music. Ask him for a story. He will smile and tell you.

So how did this guy find himself quite literally pedaling/peddling buffalo? He originally began working at the Market selling Wild Idea Buffalo. His first day at the MCFM he was traveling at a very early hour in the heart of Minneapolis. He was thinking of the South Dakota ranch and asking for guidance when suddenly, and as if by magic, the largest tumbleweed he had ever seen rolled across the road directly in front of him. He describes a knowing that his path was the right one. Nicholas confirms this by telling me that he just “loves, loves, loves” the Market and when the day closes he just wants to stay, chat, and inspire more people.

Now what about this bicycle? As he was contemplating the most eco-efficient way of bringing his Buffalo to the Market, he describes having a crazy idea to build a bike that would haul the frozen buffalo. Clearly it was meant to be, because leading bicycle experts across the Twin Cities stepped in to help him; designing and creating an absolute first of its kind bicycle able to handle several hundred pounds of weight (600 pounds is his record to date). Even more amazing, not only can it carry this unheard of load, it can still be pedaled! Nicholas will tell you that it isn’t always easy. Sometimes his joints hurt after a long ride of pushing those pedals. Offer him an extra hug when you see him. He has taken a big journey to bring you his passion.

The bison that Buffalo by Bike sells are raised by Wild Idea Buffalo on a sustainable farm in South Dakota. They are humanely raised and harvested with an element of Native American tradition.

Every day Nicholas says a Lakota prayer about gratitude and walking in balance. I am grateful to have met him.

LoveSelf Note:  At LoveSelf we ask you to research the origin of your meat before buying it. Modern day factory farming practices are not only harmful for the animal, they are harmful for both the earth and your body. Protein marketed as grass fed does not always mean that it is 100% grass fed. Typically it is grass fed to a certain point and then put on a grain diet prior to being harvested. Ask questions about the animals diet, living conditions, and end of life practices. Your body, the earth, and the animal will thank you for it.

November 9, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market IndoorAbove, Nicholas chats with customers at a winter Market.

Editors Note: Visit Buffalo by Bike at the April 12 Mill City Farmers Market, held inside the Mill City Museum.


In Just Over 2 Short Months...

...this scene will transform from a gross snow mountain into the bustling Mill City Farmers Market.   With temps in the 40's today and tomorrow, it now seems possible. (A week ago, not so much!)

March 8, 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market


Shopping Basket from March 8 Mill City Farmers Market "Winter Market"

Once again, not enough room in the basket for all the good stuff!

March 8, 2014 Mill City Indoor Farmers Market


Announcements from the Mill City Farmers Market

Excerpts from a February 26, 2014, Mill City Beet e-newsletter/Letter to the Community:

2013 marked an exciting year for the Market - we launched our EBT and Market Bucks Program, expanding healthy food access to the community. We provided economic opportunities for over 100 local farmers and artisans year-round, and helped create a thriving marketplace, which benefits the local economy and nurtures the community around us. 

In 2014, we plan to continue to promote healthy food access for all, strengthen our community, and share our resources and knowledge.

Check out a summary of our 2013 accomplishments and 2014 goals here.

- - -

Do you want to help Mill City Farmers Market with our Healthy Foods, Local Farmers Mission?

The Mill City Farmers Market is currently seeking applicants for its Board of Directors. If you are interested, please send resume and completed attached document to

- - -

Join our Sustainable Soiree Planning Committee.

We are seeking new members to join our Sustainable Soiree Benefit Committee. There are lots of ways to get involved in this wonderful event and it directly benefits our farmers and vendors. If you are interested in helping plan this year's annual benefit, please contact Brenda at or 612-436-2236.

- - -


LoveSelf Kisses My Cabbage

Article by Rachel Kahn, MCT Contributor

Adrienne Logsdon of Kiss My Cabbage is a true artist. Inspired, energetic, and devoted to her craft. I originally met Adrienne during a shopping excursion at the Mill City Farmers Market. I was immediately drawn to her multiple jars of healthy lacto-fermented cabbage and Kimchi. The varied colors of veggies and spices reminded me of a golden sunset. 

Fast forward a few years and I was thrilled to host Adrienne in my home for an engaging conversation and truly educational demo of her Juniper Caraway Cabbage. Our time together flew by so quickly; we looked up and were amazed by the hours that had passed.

Adrienne attributes her vision and cooking skill to her mom, also a chef and inspired food entrepreneur. Adrienne has created a life devoted to the health of others and the earth. She is a true renaissance woman. Originally a restaurant cook, turned massage therapist, she felt compelled to follow her desires for earth inspired work and joined her partner Mike in the business of natural farming. She tells the story of one year having a plethora of cabbage from their CSA farm and deciding to experiment in creating natural krauts. The result was so amazing her friends and family were requesting Adrienne’s cabbage creations for birthdays and holidays. One great idea led to another and Kiss My Cabbage was born.

Kiss My Cabbage has retained the integrity of this ancient craft by not giving into many of the modern methods. Adrienne uses original Redwing crocks to create her artisan cabbages and fermented vegetables.  Her process is a beautiful marriage of proven centuries old methods, intuition, and science.

Our educational demo involved a few basic ingredients. Cabbage, salt, caraway, and juniper. The salt brings out the natural juices of the cabbage. She lovingly mixes the ingredients together, reminding me of the one heaping teaspoon of salt required per two pounds of cabbage. “Make sure you mix it well” she states repeatedly. “Each slice of cabbage needs to have just the right amount of salt.”  The overall process involves pounding the cabbage and weighting the overall mixture for a number of days. When you see her at the Market, ask! She will be thrilled to explain the process.

Also ask her to tell the story of the first Kimchi. I can still hear her laugh when she describes the thought of the traditional Minnesota farmer creating an authentic Kimchi. Even more enjoyable is her huge grin when she describes how amazing it turned out. A combination of ginger, onion, garlic, leek, and chili the result is incredible.

Stop by the Mill City Farmers Market. Check out the golden goodness created by Kiss My Cabbage. Your body will love you for it!

Adrienne can be found on Facebook at

Rachel’s LoveSelf Note- Lacto fermentation is a natural and quite simple process that allows for the emergence of healthy probiotics. The natural fermentation not only creates a tangy and engaging flavor profile, the probiotics are incredibly healthy. The helpful bacteria aid in digestion and may even decrease inflammation.

An ancient craft, many health practitioners suggest that the health benefits of allowing for the natural practice of lacto-fermentation, rather than the heavily pasteurized foods of today’s modern diet, increase our friendly floras and can decrease pathogens and other harmful bacteria that may damage our immune systems.

Rachel Kahn is a gluten free food writer and wellness consultant. Her philosophy is healthy food is decadence inspired. You can find more about her loving mission at

For more healthy food tips email or visit


Shopping Basket from February 8, 2014, Mill City Farmers Market

...and that's not even everything! We need a bigger basket.  :)

February 8, 2014 Mill City Holiday Winter Market


Shopping Basket from December 14 Mill City Farmers Market

A very productive trip to the December 14 indoor Market!  We picked up a few stocking stuffers, including Barkley's Bistro Bowser Beer for puppy, and Bliss Holiday mix for a healthy snacker; Nicholas from Buffalo by Bike had some cute "Buffalove' ornaments (already on our tree).  We'll be serving Very Prairie's Fruit & Nut Crostinis with Singing Hills Goat Dairy Cranberry and Walnut Chevre, along with Very Prairie's special meringue mushrooms and Martha's Joy pickled veggies for pre-dinner nibbles.

December 14, 2013 Mill City Holiday Winter Market


Congratulations to Mill City Farmers Market Vendor, Triple Crown BBQ Sauce

Congratulations to Andy Wright of Triple Crown BBQ Sauce for being included in the 2013 Heavy Table Gift Guide!  It's not luck - this is really good stuff!   It's gluten free and unadulterated (no corn syrup or MSG).  You can find Triple Crown in a number of metro locations, all listed on the website.
August 31, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market

Shopping Basket from the November 23 Mill City Farmers Market

Happiness is a basket full of fresh wonderfulness from the Market :)

November 23, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market Indoor

Plus we got a start on holiday gifts...

November 23, 2013 Mill City Farmers Market Indoor


Give the Gift of Local Foods with Tokens from the Mill City Farmers Market

Sure to be the most-appreciated present this Holiday Season - a Mill City Farmers Market gift bag filled with Market Tokens!

Tokens come in $5 denominations and are good for any products or produce at the Market!  Perfect as a stocking stuffer, hostess gift or Secret Santa.  Inquire at the MCFM Info Booth during the November 23 and December 14 Markets.

November 10, 2012 Mill City Winter Farmers Market