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The Mill Yard at Stonebridge Lofts Art Exhibit: “Nature: In the Eye of the Beholder” debuts with January 13 Opening Reception

The Stonebridge Lofts, 1120 South 2nd Street, is debuting "The Mill Yard at Stonebridge Lofts", a new art exhibit venue, with a January 13 opening reception for The Mill Yard at Stonebridge Lofts Art Exhibit: “Nature: In the Eye of the Beholder”.  

 This exhibit will run January 13 to March 31, 2018, and will showcase the work of eight artists, around a Nature theme:

Bevie Labrie (painting)  “Hundreds of days and nights spent in nature over the course of my life have imbedded the colors, textures, smells and intricacies of my natural surroundings into my mind’s eye.  Each of these paintings were completed from a very intuitive, expressive place inside of me.”

Owen Brown (painting)  “These works were painted during a residency I received last year in the south of France, in the little village of Pampelonne.  The French countryside was beautiful, low hills, small fields, rivers and streams, copses of wood, barns and tiny storerooms. The sun was spellbinding on the earth.”

Richard James Nelson (printmaking),My woodblock prints are inspired by the Inuit and Japanese printmaking and echo the spiritualness of nature.”


Julie Carson (photography) “On any given day, you will find me scouring the ground looking for objects, patterns and colors to photograph. Photography captures and holds the moment to draw upon later.  No matter where I go, I find ideas in a rusted trash can, leaf or flower.”

Marilyn Cuellar (graphite) “I find my vision in the details of life. My art brings out the subtle details in its subjects, creating a picture of life more particular than the fleeting glance with which we normally look at the world.“

Ernest Miller, “As a maker, inspiration comes from field landscape, farm implements, and architectural features such as barns found in the Midwest as starting points for ceramic vessels and glaze surfaces. Observations of source material may be interpreted literally or sometimes abstracted using elements to complement functional or sculptural forms.”

Nick Earl, “I am continually fascinated by the softness and reception of the clay from which my pots are made. These qualities translate into the finished pieces, objects that will hopefully enrich the regular ceremonies of life. I have a strong interest in art history and I try to exhibit the strength and beauty I see in old pots in my own work.”

Audra Smith, “My goal is to make well-made, utilitarian pottery. I continually explore color, pattern, space, and shape in the surface decoration, all of which inform the ongoing discovery of my personal language as a ceramic artist.” 

(Opening reception only: Potters Ernest Miller, Nick Earl and Audra Smith)

About The Mill Yard at Stonebridge Lofts
The Mill City. Residents celebrate our area’s industrial heritage of the mighty Mississippi River and the mills. Today, what we see are the most recognizable Minneapolis landmarks. However, this is only part of the story. Rail lines were key to Minneapolis’ growth, and were particularly integral to the Mill District, bringing in wheat and timber and shipping out flour and lumber. We also honor the history of the mills, the reason for the rail yard’s existence. The Mill Yard aims to be both a gathering place for art and artists and a conduit by which art can be shared with and disseminated into the wider community.

Facebook - Twitter, Contact:

The Mill Yard at Stonebridge Lofts thanks Luke Kleckner, Condo Development and Sales, for his generous sponsorship.

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